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Canvas 14"-14" - Tank Thief

Canvas 14"-14" - Tank Thief

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Near Kakhovka, Kherson region, local Roma jumped and tamed a russian tank. This was reported by Kakhovka’s self-defense groups. Meanwhile, the notorious troops of the russian occupier can steal only chickens and coins worth one Hryvnia. Our Roma people are the coolest. Any talent must be used as effectively as possible against the enemy.

The Superheroes Among Us is a series of illustrations depicting today's heroes, ordinary Ukrainians who have shown extraordinary abilities of courage, humanity, bravery and love. I've always liked superhero stories, epics and comics, but now there is no need to invent something, because legends are being born in front of our eyes, one just has to have time to draw. Ukraine is invincible as long as there are such superheroes!

This collection is also available for purchase now as 14"x14" canvases on wooden frames with signature. $100 from each canvas will be donated to volunteers, non-profits or Ukrainian Army accordingly to character or city from the illustration. Please check descriptions of individual canvas for more details and story behind it.


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